Site Development & Funemployment

A log of my work on this site and the other stuff that makes up my days between job commitments. Taking advantage of the free time to relax, recharge, and learn tons of new things.

13 September 2016


The typical tabula recta is rather indistinct, visually, so I took a few tries at making it easier to use.

... more.
11 September 2016

Anni Rota - wheel of the yearI designed for myself a "wheel of the year", which is typically a pagan calendar. However, I want a... more.

10 September 2016

I made this! I decided that I like the vertical calendar style better than horizontal because this way it looks like a beaded curtain, which is something Erté used a lot in his work, and as might be expected, I'm a big fan. He also used a lot of fans, for the record. Not sure how many records he... more.

30 August 2016

Wow it's been a minute since I worked on this website. Life got really hectic over the past few months. I spent a lot of my time with a good friend who died of brain cancer. It was painful, beautiful, fascinating and transformative. My heart is broken, but it's healing in a pretty magical way.... more.