Site Development & Funemployment

A log of my work on this site and the other stuff that makes up my days between job commitments. Taking advantage of the free time to relax, recharge, and learn tons of new things.

5 April 2016

Doing short-term consulting, sleuthing around files and systems, I feel like a spy. A special agent. It's like solving a crime. Something bad happened to these files. Something... wrong.

28 March 2016

Today I went to work! I met with my team at 9:30 and then we went into an office. I took notes, had meetings, made spreadsheets, sent emails, did research. What a lovely day. Also, we spent 40 minutes in line at Freshroll in order to get our lunch. It was great being downtown with all the other... more.

21 March 2016

Yesterday I applied for many, many jobs. Afterward, I felt like a party balloon, so I took a nap. Later, I went for a long walk along Valencia, after dark (which, wouldn't that make it morning?) Anyway, it was night and things were wet from the rain earlier. 

Lost... more.

17 March 2016

This morning I did a little work setting up my subdomain for Drupal 8, and progressed with my 2nd of 3 JavaScript classes. Let's talk about the difference between using a... more.

13 March 2016

Today I went sailing for the first time in ~16 months. Winds were at 15-18 knots. It was COLD. It was raining! And still, it was so awesome. And I survived :)

9 March 2016

I have a little Logitech keyboard that props up my iPad, so I can type on it like a tiny laptop. This post is being generated from the sofa! Not that it's really any different, except I'm in a much more comfortable position. I need a better desk chair. The hard wood dining chair I've been... more.

7 March 2016

Attended career advice webinar this morning. Updated resume. If only I could update the ones I've already sent... Anyway, here's a resumé formatting tip: Bold is OK, but underline & italics are bad bc they confuse the robot eyes.