Oh my god it's a blog.

Attended career advice webinar this morning. Updated resume. If only I could update the ones I've al
I'm taking college classes. Last semester I took Statistics. Straight up bragging: I got an A. I wish I was kidding when I say that class almost crushed my will to live.
I made this! I decided that I like the vertical calendar style better than horizontal because this w
Doing short-term consulting, sleuthing around files and systems, I feel like a spy. A special agent
For one thing, I learned a valuable git lesson! The workflow I've been taught is to make changes to
Hello all, I am so heartened by people's willingness to discuss this topic, it is not easy, but I b
Wow it's been a minute since I worked on this website. Life got really hectic over the past few mont
Today I went to work! I met with my team at 9:30 and then we went into an office. I took notes, had
Started preliminary work organizing music entries... then spent the rest of the day with a human bei
If life is unfair, and I better to get used to it... does that mean that I never fight for what I w
Spent some time last week refining the quickie redesign I did awhile back. Here are some things tha
Great perspective and insight from Scott Hanselman on how to reconcile the impulse to be both a gene