Oh my god it's a blog.

Today I figured out how to have the same file reference structure on my local working copy of this
Here's my advice: Unless someone explicitly asks for your advice, do not offer advice. Maybe not eve
Some posts really need this disclaimer: This site is mostly notes to myself. :) Ever since I bit th
Yesterday I applied for many, many jobs. Afterward, I felt like Steven Jesse Bernstein's party ballo
I've been having so much fun working on my sysadmin skills with DigitalOcean. Today I created a sub
"We live in a society where sexual oppression is commonplace, where men seem only to feel in control
And now, a new home page design.
I've been working on this site for a few weeks now, so the placeholder graphic had gotten a litte st
Here's where we're at: I've set up an Ubuntu 14.04 Server, added a LAMP stack, added a non-sudo us
My niece is taking a Women's Study class in high school and asked me if I'd answer 7 questions abou
I've started a second freelance job, as I wrap up work on my current freelance job. It's like a who
Today I "perfected" the giant image on my home page (y'know, the one every website has.) I was havi