Introducing: The Button

Behold this cool old fan at the tire repair shop I like in Alameda.

It's time I put something here to point out that I'm not really working on this site anymore, as it's Drupal 7, and I'm pretty smitten with Drupal 8, so I've been playing with it here: Pardon my theming, she's a work in progress.

I'm leaving this site here for now while I work on migrating content over - gotta learn somehow.

Ideally, before I leave this mortal coil, I will work professionally on a Drupal 8 site, or if hell freezes over, I'll convince my current employer that we can upgrade. We can! It's totally a thing!

It's just such a drag to have to go back to the D7 site after using D8 - so many things JFW, you know? There are so many improvements, such as, you aren't stuck with a colon on your field label. If you perhaps don't really feel like having a colon on your field label, you just don't check the box. If you do want one, well hey, check that box. In D7, there is no choice in the admin interface. Instead, I had to write a hook to specify - individually - which fields I really prefer to not have a colon on. 

Seems like the simplest thing right? Imagine hundreds and hundreds of tiny, annoying, non-choices to have to work around programmatically... oh, or even better, install an entire module to account for something like: I'd like to have a field which is formatted for dates. Welp, better install that module. Yeah, I know. It sucks.

Okay, these are not real troubles, and it's been real fun learning all the ways to get D7 to do what I want. Now though, I look forward to taking D8 for granted and coming up with new requirements which I have to overcome with code I barely know how to write. Dreams!