Lunar Calendar

I made this! I decided that I like the vertical calendar style better than horizontal because this way it looks like a beaded curtain, which is something Erté used a lot in his work, and as might be expected, I'm a big fan. He also used a lot of fans, for the record. Not sure how many records he used...

Aspects include 14% larger orb for December's full moon as it's the one with the closest apsis for the year. Not technically considered a supermoon, but a greater than average moon at least. In keeping with that, there is a 14% smaller orb on June 9th - when we have our micromoon for the year. There are two super new moons, indicated by larger circles. Also noted are the equinoxes and solstices, because science, as well as Halloween because ooOOOoo. There is a penumbral lunar eclipse visible from San Francisco on February 10, as well as a "black moon" on August 21, which is the 3rd new moon in a season with four new moons.

vertical lunar calendar 2017