Wheel of the Year

I designed for myself a "wheel of the year", which is typically a pagan calendar. However, I want a "calendar" just to indicate the seasons and their transition dates, perihelion and aphelion, as well as a REMINDER: Total solar eclipse in 2017!

Since it is definitely not listing the pagan holidays and focused on actual astronomy, I am calling it Anni Rota - which is Latin for "year rotation/wheel".

Also, the cyclic order is counter clockwise because the Earth rotates counterclockwise, and our orbit around the Sun is counter clockwise as well. The tilt of the orb's main axis is 23.5°—as is the Earth's and the reason for the seasons.

Since there is only one color and lots of lines, it would be nice to see this as a letterpress or silkscreen. Although the usage is pretty niche, i.e. just me, so I'll just do a giclée.

Anni Rota - wheel of the year