Hello. My name is Ert O'Hara. This is a Drupal 8 site where I try things like new modules or themes or crazy JavaScript. It's also a way for me to suss out what I find most awesome and what I would focus on if I had full editorial reign, which... I do. Because I made this.

Fascinations include old government buildings, secret societies, other people's paper correspondence, all the music, the world of espionage and intelligence gathering, hotels and their stationery, fancy things that have stood the test of time, old money, coffee, tea, hardback books, astronomy, physics, math, mid-century credenzas, art deco armoires, belvederes, balustrades, detective doors, bourbon, red wine, cupboards, envelopes, tending my plants, riding my "gentleman's bike" around the island I live on, and taking photos of late 1800's-early 1900s Victorians.

I note these to remind myself that there are things that I think are neat and inspiring, because some days it is a challenge to feel awesome about life and the world. Lists of things I like is one of the ways I keep on keeping on.

Alameda Masonic Temple