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21 Sep 2016

Once upon a time I was reading the daylight length charts on, and I noticed a curious data pattern. The length of time that appears or goes missing on a given day is not consistent. In fact, not only does the length of difference change, the change itself changes.

13 Sep 2016

This is a tabula recta. It's a table of the alphabet with each subsequent row shifted one to the left. The letter that is bumped off is added onto the end of that row.

11 Sep 2016

I designed for myself a "wheel of the year", which is typically a pagan calendar. However, I want a "calendar" just to indicate the seasons and their transition dates, perihelion and aphelion, as well as a REMINDER: Total solar eclipse in 2017!

10 Sep 2016

I made this! I decided that I like the vertical calendar style better than horizontal because this way it looks like a beaded curtain, which is something Erté used a lot in his work, and as might be expected, I'm a big fan.