Hi. This is a site that I use to figure out how to do things with web development, so sometimes it looks a little unkempt.

Fascinations include old government buildings, secret societies, other people's paper correspondence, privacy and security, espionage and intelligence, hotels and their stationery, fountain pens, old money and fancy things from days gone by, coffee and tea, greenhouses and barrel gardens, astronomy, physics and math, mid-century credenzas and art deco armoires, belvederes and balustrades, detective doors and hardback books, bourbon, red wine, cupboards, pockets and envelopes, all the music, taking photos, bubble-shaped camper trailers, riding my "gentleman's bike" around the island where I live.

I make lists of and collect things that I think are cool, interesting, and inspiring. It's one of the ways I keep on keeping on.

Alameda Masonic Temple