Hi. This is a place for stories and collections.

My interests include old government, academic, and secret society buildings, Victorian, Queen Anne, and modern architecture, vintage correspondence between people I've never met, privacy and security, espionage and intelligence, hotels and their stationery, fountain pens, old money and fancy things from days gone by, coffee and tea, greenhouses and barrel gardens, astronomy, physics and math, mid-century credenzas and art deco armoires, belvederes and balustrades, detective doors and hardback books, bourbon, red wine, cupboards, pockets and envelopes, taking photos, kicking out the jams, road trips in my tiny car, bubble-shaped camper trailers, and riding my gentleman's bicycle around the island where I live exploring the city I just moved to.

I collect things that I think are cool, interesting, or inspiring. It helps.

Alameda Masonic Lodge