Oh my god it's a blog.

From this post on Stack Overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8730652/drupal-7-node-import-f
This will be a fun one. Lately, I'm all about facing the ugliest, scariest, most uncomfortable, most
Let me be clear, I love Instagram. I have a nice, healthy relationship with it. I don't "curate" my
Woohoo! I did it! I figured out how to cache my static content. Boy was that not hard or complicated
Today I was surprise-invited to spend the afternoon with a friend at a members-only club where fanc
Specific settings and styles for Views to display related content with contextual filters based on m
Here is where I document what I do to update Drupal core for a security update, as well as Views and
Wednesday was all about empowerment. I had lunch with my best friend and we had a good talk, like we
This morning I went to the dentist. I got a porcelain crown installed upon an implant that was put i
I want to reframe the narrative I've believed around embracing diversity and inclusion up until ver
With my abundance of free time, I've picked up a weird habit of taking elaborate issue with bugs and
Today was all about site speed enhancement. I tried for hours to get loadCSS to work and it would n