Field Trips

There she goes...

Places that I plan to visit, and some that I already have (because collections).


WENT! It was awesome. Spent a lot of money. This place is a danger if you have a thing for office supplies and stationery like I do. But, now I have a heap of nice writing paper and envelopes and choice pens and pencils.

San Francisco
I've already been, but I'm low on fancy almonds and Heath ceramics, so another trip is in my future.

New York City
Opened February, 2018. Hell's Kitchen.
More here:

Washington, D.C.
Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture
WENT! It was great. I could have spent all day. Through their podcast, Spycast, I've learned about the intelligence community, history, espionage, COINTELPRO, HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, MASINT, kompromat, dezinformatsiya, clandestine operations, active measures, agents provocateurs, honey traps, dead drops, brush passes, and fancy and cozy bears. Very much looking forward to the new facility at L'Enfant Plaza... whenever it opens :)

Parts Unknown (multiple options)
Bougie glamping.

Russia, the Federation