Short Tales

"You know what blogs are, right? Blogs are a conversation nobody wanted to have with you." - Michelle Wolf

Last week, on the day it was released, I bought Rebel Girl, at Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon, and I could not have been more excited.

A short and true story of cascading circumstances, cause and effect, and the adventures that followed.

If you put on an album you've never heard before, maybe check the song list before getting into the shower.

Two letters written in 1939, just days apart, from a young woman to a man over 100 miles away, let us look into their lives and an urgent mystery.

Tl;dr To avoid breathing toxic metal salts, use filtered or distilled water with ultrasonic, cool mist humidifiers.  No, really.

In Big Magic, Liz Gilbert describes ideas as practically tangible entities that float around like dandelion spores, looking for a place to germinate and grow.

Children's books with enchanting artwork and whimsical titles have life lessons for grown ups, too.

Honoring and exploring the adventurous life of a great contributor to the art of cryptanalysis and a hidden national hero.

I waited 40 years to watch the sequel to The Post but all I got was tedious clerical tasks, anachronistic office furniture, and more Nixon.

"Unless a film of flesh envelops us, we die. Man exists only insofar as he is separated from his surroundings."

My niece took a Women's Studies class in high school and asked me to answer 7 questions about equality and feminism.

This is a tabula recta. It's for cryptography, specifically, the polyalphabetic Vigenère cipher, aka le chiffre indéchiffrable.